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Wild DIY Valentine Cards - Safari Ltd®

Wild DIY Valentine Cards

DIY Valentine Cards

Valentine’s Day is a day for showing some love to your favorite people. Instead of giving sugary treats, why not give a little figurine as a token of love and friendship?  Also, many schools have children with food allergies, and so a nonfood item as a treat is a wonderful alternative…the teachers will truly appreciate the gesture!

Simply design and print a Valentine Card to attach to one of Safari Ltd.'s small figurines (Canva was the program used for the examples in this blog). 

Valentine Day Card Instructions:

  1. Find your free Wild Valentine Cards HERE
  2. Print free cards (link in #1) or design your own cards to your specifications (In Canva, search “flashcards” in templates & then replace with your desired images & text). 
  3. Print cards out on card stock. Thick paper is important for supporting the weight of the figurine.
  4. Cut out the cards.
  5. Place the Safari Ltd. figurine in the appropriate spot on the card. Punch two holes - one hole on each side of the toy.
  6. Loop some string through the holes in the card. Place figurine in correct position and then tie figurine securely to the card. You can also use Sticky Dots to help hold the figurine in place.

Check out the many delightful phrases that match up with Safari Ltd.’s large variety of Good Luck Minis® & TOOB®  figurines!

Phrases for your Valentine’s:

What other adorable sayings will you put on your cards to match Safari Ltd. toy figurines?

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