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Safari Ltd.'s Top Five Best-Selling Dinosaur Toy Figurines of 2023 - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd.'s Top Five Best-Selling Dinosaur Toy Figurines of 2023

Whether you're building an epic dino collection or seeking a piece to spark imaginative play, join us as we count down the top five best-selling dinosaur toy figurines that are sure to bring joy and excitement to any dinosaur lover's life. Let's dive in and unleash our inner paleontologists!


The "lizard of Alberta"! This fearsome carnivore roamed the lands of North America about 70 million years ago.

Even though this dino was smaller than it's T-Rex cousin, with its razor-sharp teeth and powerful legs, Albertosaurus was a formidable hunter, feasting on plant-eating dinosaurs like an Edmontosaurus. These dinos weren't fussy eaters; there is evidence that they would also eat carrion to fill their bellies. Just imagine a pack of thunderous footsteps as these fierce predators prowled the ancient forests, ready to pounce on its prey!



This unique dinosaur lived in what is now Madagascar around 70 million years ago.

Don't let its smaller size fool you because Majungasaurus was a fierce predator, even resorting to cannibalism! This theropod had a uniquely blunt snout. Similar to modern day felines, it is believed that the Majungasaurus used a bite and hold method to disable prey. 



The "terrible claw"! This dino, resembling a feathery velociraptor, was a clever and agile predator.

With its sharp, sickle-like claws on its hind feet, Deinonychus could deliver deadly kicks to its prey. But did you know that Deinonychus may have been an intelligent pack hunter? These dinosaurs may have worked together to take down larger herbivores, making them quite the formidable team!


The "different lizard" was an impressive prehistoric creature that lived around 150 million years ago and was one of the top predators of its time.

With its powerful jaws and serrated teeth, Allosaurus was a skilled hunter, targeting dinosaurs like stegosaurs and sauropods. Unsurprisingly, with the demands of hunting large prey, there is evidence that these powerful predators frequently shed and replaced their 3-4 inch long teeth. Picture this beast roaming through ancient landscapes, showcasing its dominance with every thunderous stride!


The "hollow form"! These slender and speedy dinosaurs lived about 200 million years ago.

They were among the earliest known theropods, walking on two hind legs and sporting sharp teeth. Coelophysis likely traveled in packs, making them quite social for their time. So, let your imagination run wild as you picture these agile hunters darting through prehistoric forests, leaving their mark on the ancient world!

Remember, these descriptions are just a glimpse into the fascinating world of dinosaurs. So, grab your explorer hat and get ready to uncover more about these incredible creatures that once roamed our planet! Check out SafariPedia to read more about a wide variety of Prehistoric Animals.

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