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From the Screen to your Living Room - The Dino Dana collection is here
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Safari Ltd toys make a great candy alternative

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Safari Ltd. sells a wide variety of the best animal toys, dinosaur toys, and mythical creature toys that are inspired by nature and powered by imagination..

Safari Ltd figures all start with an idea. Our team of sculptors and painters then help to create that idea in a three dimensional form. From tapping into a deep well of creativity and imagination for our fantasy and dragon figures, to consulting with experts including paleontologists and zoologists for our animal and prehistoric toys, they work hard to make sure every detail is just right. The figurines then head over to the manufacturer, who produce our individually painted final products, each one with its own layers of uniqueness, detail, and accuracy. At every step of the way, our toys are conceived and created with an eye on imagination and realism that has made our toys a hit with both collectors and kids alike for over 35 years!