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Valentine's Day DIY Craft Cards - Safari Ltd®

Valentine's Day DIY Craft Cards

Safari Ltd DIY Valentine's Day Craft

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Get crafty and create a special Valentine’s Day card and gift for the little ones you love! This simple and fun craft project is perfect to do in class or at home with kids, giving them a chance to be creative and learn about wildlife. Read for instructions. 

What you’ll need:

– Safari Ltd® Good Luck Minis® of your choice. We chose a variety of our favorite critters preferably with long torsos to make it easier on us! Order your favorites here.

– Baker’s twine. We chose black and white to keep it classic!

– Spray paint of your color choice. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, we chose two matte pastel colors, Ballet Slipper Pink and Catalana Mist, to remain in theme with the holiday!

– Brown Kraft Paper. Although not required, we wanted to give our paper a more natural color and texture! We recommend using a cardstock paper so it’s heavy enough to hold your mini®.

– Cardboard box. Got a leftover box from an Amazon delivery laying around? It’s not essential, but you’ll be thankful to have your box as a way to block wind and keep your spray paint in a contained area.


1) Line up your Safari Ltd® Good Luck Minis® in a box. We recommend setting up outside to keep the fumes safely out of your home.

2) Spray all the figurines! Let that first coat sit and check back in. Don’t worry if your Minis® go flying when you spray them! You’ll likely need 2-3 coats. Once the figurines are dry, simply change their positions in the box and spray the areas you couldn’t reach before.

Pro Tip: Since these critters are so small, we recommend checking on them in about an hour so they won’t stick to your cardboard box.

3) Prepare your cards and cut them out. Poke two small holes wherever you intend to tie the Mini®. We recommend using something small, like a clothing pin. Once done, personalize the back with a sweet message or a joke. Have fun with it!

4) Once your Minis® are dry and completely coated, cut a piece of twine, tie a knot around the Minis® belly, thread them through the holes in your card and then tie a bow in the back.

5) Take them to school or to a party. Enjoy!

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