“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.”

– O. Fred Donaldson



Looking for DIY activities to do with your kids, grandkids or students?! Our Toys That Teach are perfect for getting kiddos to think outside of the box. Whether for a school project or an arts and crafts activity, Safari Ltd toys are versatile and easy to make an activity with!

Here, you’ll find a collection of our favorite fun do it yourself activities for all kinds of uses and learning. These are simple and creative ideas great for parents, teachers, home school parents and even grandparents!


Human Body

DIY human anatomy

Learn how to recreate activity here.


TOOB World
Map Poster

DIY World Map Poster

Discover how to build your own Safari world map here.



Dino Volcano
Paper Mache

DIY Paper Mache Volcano

Create a fun volcano with Safari's Great Dino's! Learn how.



DIY Whale
Sensory Bin


Discover the deep blue sea with this sensory play activity.



Toy Animal
Picture Frame

Plastic-Animal-Picture-Frame-18Create a beautiful picture frame using Safari's TOOBS!


DIY Clay
Bird Nests


Learn how to build a Safari-style bird's nest using TOOBS!


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