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Safari Ltd's NEW 2018 Collection - Part 1 - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd's NEW 2018 Collection - Part 1

It’s happening! The first wave of Safari Ltd®’s new 2018 toys are here! Let’s take a look at what you’ll find in this reveal, which features new additions to many of our popular lines, including Prehistoric World, Sea Life, North American Wildlife, Safari Farm, Best in Show, Mythical Realms, Dragons, TOOBS®, Wildlife Wonders™, and Good Luck Minis®. Kicking off the reveals: Bernie the Gator! For the first time, you can take home your own figure of Safari Ltd®'s friendly reptilian mascot! But that's just the beginning. Let's see what else we've got to show you...


Wild Safari

First up, we’ve got a massive entry into our Wild Safari Prehistoric World line: the American Mastodon. These elephant-like mammals that roamed the North American continent first appeared around five million years ago, and went extinct around 10,000 years ago, possibly due to being overhunted by early humans. Though they are in the same order as elephants and woolly mammoths (Proboscidea), they are not closely related to them and branched off into their own evolutionary group around 25 million years ago.


Our Sea Life collection gets a new pinniped, which you might know better by the more common term: seal. The Leopard Seal is a fierce predator of the Antarctic, second only to the killer whale among the apex hunters of the southern seas. These sleek, spotted seals love to feed on penguins, so be sure to keep your penguin figures on a separate shelf from this guy!

The American Desert Hare from our North American Wildlife line adds another hare to keep last year’s Arctic hare company. Also known as the black-tailed jackrabbit, these long-legged, long-eared mammals are found in the western United States and Mexico. Find out more about this furry fellow and the other new Wild Safari figures for 2018 at, and get your own today!


Safari Farm and Best in Show

On the domesticated side of things, our first wave includes an adorable new addition to our Safari Farm line: the Lamb. This cute baby sheep is sculpted in a jolly prancing pose and is ready to spread joy amongst all of your farm figures.

Meanwhile, our Best in Show line gets a new breed: the stately Boxer. This detailed pup figure looks almost real enough to pet, and is hand-painted to reflect the common Boxer color pattern of brown with a white underbelly and feet. Pick up the Boxer and the lamb at now!

Fantasy Figures

Joining our Mythical Realms collection is the Harpy of Greek and Roman mythology. These half-bird, half-human creatures are known to steal food from travelers to satisfy their insatiable hunger. The word “harpy” actually means “snatcher”. They are also believed to personify the winds of storms. The menacing Safari Ltd® Harpy figure features the body of a human woman with the feet and wings of a bird.


Our Dragons collection gets a bit of science fiction flair with the new Alien Dragon, an otherworldly beast of mysterious origins that almost looks more like an outer space insect than a typical reptilian dragon. Bring these fantasy creatures home at

Large Scale and Small Size Figures

Our scaled, large sized Wonderful Wildlife gets a beautiful new figure of a critically endangered animal. The Florida Panther is sadly on the brink of extinction – only a few hundred are believed to remain in the wild – but conservation efforts have helped to increase its numbers in recent years. Our 1:7 scale Wonderful Wildlife Florida panther captures the elegance of this rare creature with hand-painted detail.

On the other end of the spectrum are our miniature figures: Good Luck Minis® and TOOBS®. Our new Raptors add another dinosaur to the Good Luck Minis® ranks, while this wave sees three brand new TOOBS®.

The Whales TOOB® includes 10 all new whale figures, including a blue whale, a minke whale, a Bryde’s whale, a gray whale, a humpback whale, a sperm whale, a pilot whale, a beluga whale, a right whale and a bowhead whale. While they’re a good deal smaller than their giant real world counterparts, there’s still tons of detail to be found in these figures.


The Gnome Family Designer TOOB® expands our range of gnome toys with six all new figures, including Ma and Pa gnomes, a girl gnome sitting on a toadstool, two gnomes playing musical instruments, and a cheeky gnome child hiding in a watering can.

And finally, the Zombies Super TOOB® arrives just in time to spice up any Halloween display. This set includes 12 all new spooky zombie figures loaded with scary details. There are eight various walking zombies, two creepy crawling zombies, and two undead zombies rising from their graves!

And that’s it for the first round of reveals from our 2018 collection! All of these are available right now at, so go get them!

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