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Safari Ltd® Hosts Some Special Visitors - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd® Hosts Some Special Visitors

In 2017, Safari Ltd® hosted a special visit from leading members of the Miami Lakes community, including Mayor Manny Cid, Vice Mayor Tony Lama, Town Councilman Nelson Rodriguez, and Director of Community Engagement and Outreach Nicole Singletary.

It all started with a YouTube video. Mayor Cid happened upon our Behind the Scenes at Safari HQ video, and realized that we were located right in Miami Lakes, the city he’d been calling home for the past 24 years! He then reached out to pay a visit to this local business to see what it was all about.

Mayor Cid had encountered Safari Ltd®’s Toys That Teach® in zoos and theme parks throughout the country for years, but never realized the company responsible was right in his backyard. As the mayor explains, “The magic happens here in Miami Lakes,” and we were more than happy to open our doors to invite him and his associates to see where we make our own brand of magic.

Our visitors were given a tour of our innovative facility, including our lobby which features a ramp that curves around the room to the second floor, replacing the need for elevators and encouraging exercise. They also checked out our gym, our lounge, our open space offices, and our warehouse where we ship out all of our amazing Safari Ltd® products.

We also discussed some of our company initiatives, including the SafariFit and SafariFun programs, designed to keep our Safarians healthy and happy at work. We also detailed our conservation efforts and devotion to being a green company.

Finally, as a parting gift, we provided each of our visitors with one of our figurines, a Holstein cow, as a nod to Miami Lakes history. The land that the town of Miami Lakes now sits on was once a dairy farm, and the cow remains a symbol of Miami Lakes even today.

Safari Ltd® was extremely pleased to host the mayor and other Miami Lakes Town Council members, and we are proud to be a strong part of the Miami Lakes business community. "Safari Ltd® takes a lot of pride in being actively involved in the local community that we live, work and play in. It was a special treat for our Safarian family to open our doors for Mayor Cid and members of his council. We look forward to building a strong partnership with the town of Miami Lakes," said Renee Hicks, the Director of Human Resources, who led the tour.

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