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Friendly Zoo Animal DIY Valentine Cards - Safari Ltd®

Friendly Zoo Animal DIY Valentine Cards

Kids are wild about their best buddies and will go bananas passing out these friendly DIY Valentine Cards. Little pals will be delighted to get a kind note and bonus surprise toy animal. Parents will be happy to see one less sugary treat coming home. These cards are the perfect way to craft some friendships and toothy smiles!

Follow the link to print out your FREE Zoo Friends Valentine cards! Assembly instructions below.


DIY Instructions:

  1. Find your free printable Zoo Friend Valentine Cards HERE

  2.  Additional free Valentine card printables can be found HERE
  3. Print cards out on card stock. Thick paper is important for supporting the weight of the toy animal figurines.
  4. Cut out the cards.
  5. Place the Safari Ltd. figurines from the Zoo Babies TOOB®  in the appropriate spot on the card. Punch two holes - one hole on each side of the toy.
  6. Loop some string through the holes in the card. Place figurine in correct position and then tie the toy animal securely to the card.
  • You can also use Sticky Dots to help hold the figurine in place.

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