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Summer is officially here! It’s time for vacations, pool parties and lounging in the sun! If you’ve got the summer party bug, these adorable DIY Safari beverage stirrers will add a pop of fun to any refreshment! Read on for instructions.

What you’ll need:

– Safari Ltd® TOOBS® of choice. We chose North American Wildlife and Farm TOOBS® for this DIY to match our stirrers with our summer vacation to The Smoky Mountains. Each TOOB® brings 12 pieces.



– Spray Paint of your color choice. We chose gold!

– Biodegradable rainbow stripe paper drinking straws! We loved the colors and environmental friendliness!

- Glue gun & glue


1) Line up your figurines in a box. We recommend setting up outside to keep the fumes safely out of your home.

2) Spray all the figurines! Let that first coat sit for a few hours and check back in. You’ll likely need 2-3 coats. Once the figurines are dry, simply change their positions in the box and spray the areas you couldn’t reach.

3) Prepare your straws! Once your figurines are dry, plug in your glue gun, add a dot to the belly of your figure, then hold the straw in place. Let dry.

4) Once your figurines are glued to your straw, pour your refreshment and enjoy!

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