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DIY Halloween Cardboard Haunted House - Safari Ltd®

DIY Halloween Cardboard Haunted House

These simple & spooky haunted houses are a great craft for you and your kids to make together this Halloween season! They look amazing on a mantle or shelf and also make a great play prop to go along with toys like the Safari Ltd. Zombies TOOB! Get the full instructions to make your own below!



Materials Needed: 

    • Safari Ltd. Zombies TOOB®
    • Cardboard
    • Pencil
    • Black acrylic paint and paintbrush
    • White paint pen
    • Box cutter
    • Colored tissue paper
    • Toilet paper tubes (2 per house)
    • Hot glue gun


How To Make a DIY Halloween Cardboard Haunted House: 


Step 1: Draw the shapes for your houses onto cardboard with a pencil. For each house I cut one large rectangle, a triangle and a small rectangle (for the chimney!). You will also want to draw the shapes of your windows and doors onto the large rectangle. Use your box cutter to cut out the shapes and cut out the windows and doors. 

Step 2: Paint your cardboard black using acrylic paint! Paint can cause cardboard to curl. To avoid this, keep your paint layer thin and allow it to dry on a flat surface. 

Step 3: Use a hot glue gun to glue the pieces of your house together. Glue the roof onto the house and then the chimney onto the roof. 

Step 4: Cut pieces of colored tissue paper that are slightly larger than each of the windows and doors on your houses. Use your glue gun to glue the tissue paper onto the back of each window and door, making sure that the opening is completely covered. 

Step 5: Use your white paint pen to add details to the front of your house. I outlined the windows and doors, added brick designs to the chimneys, and drew some spider webs on the roofs!

Step 6: Use your hot glue gun to glue two cardboard tubes to the back of each house. These will make them stand up! Glue them on the sides of the house ensuring that the bottom of the tube is flush with the bottom of the cardboard house shape. Also, make sure to glue them in far enough that you cannot see the tubes from the front of the house. 

Your spooky houses are now all ready for play or display!

Emily Limer is a science educator and mom blogger! Follow along with her on Instagram @makingwithmommy


Do you have a great idea for a do it yourself haunted house other DIY activities? Share with us below in the comments!


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