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DIY Gift Tag and Wrapping Tutorial - Safari Ltd®

DIY Gift Tag and Wrapping Tutorial

What better way to make your gifts inviting than by tying a couple of Toys That Teach on top?! This Christmas, impress the little ones in your life by adding Safari Ltd. figurines to the ribbons atop their packages. You can also make a simple DIY gift tag to complement their favorite animals! Get the full tutorial below. 

Materials Needed: 

-Safari Ltd. figurines! (PRO TIP: I find that larger animals are easier to tie on!)

-Wrapping paper

-Curling ribbon


-White cardstock

-Cardboard or craft foam


-Hot glue gun

-Acrylic paint and paint brush

-Colorful pen or marker

Step 1: Create the gift tag! 

The first step to creating your gift tag is to make a stamp. To do this, use scissors to cut your desired shape out of cardboard or craft foam. I cut the pads of a paw print. Note that cardboard will give your stamp a more textured appearance (like mine) while craft foam will make a smoother stamp. 

Use hot glue to glue the piece(s) of your stamp onto a larger piece of cardboard and cut out around the edges (leave about ½ inch around the stamp shape).

Next, use a paint brush to apply your paint onto the raised parts of the stamp only. Turn the stamp over and press firmly onto your cardstock! Remove to reveal your shape. You may want to use the paintbrush to outline the shape, if needed. 

Once your paint is dry, use a marker or pen to add your message! I was going for a dog and cat theme, so I wrote “Meowy Christmas” and “We Woof You a Merry Christmas” on mine!

Step 2: Wrap your gift!

First, wrap your gift box with the wrapping paper of your choice. I loved that this paper has dogs on it to match the Safari Ltd. toys I am using!


Next, tie on your ribbon. I used three pieces of curling ribbon. I knotted them at the top of the box and then used two of the strands to tie a double knot around the middle of each animal figurine. Once the animal is tied on, you can trim and curl all of the ribbon ends and you will have a beautiful, exciting gift presentation! Tape your card to the box and you’re all set!

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