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Safari Ltd 2019 Collection - Full Reveal! - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd 2019 Collection - Full Reveal!

Safari Ltd’s 2019 Collection – Fully Revealed!

Here it is – the rest of our 2019 line-up, finally unveiled for all to see! We’ve been teasing you for a while now, but at last, we’re ready to show you everything.

Keep in mind, some products are available now, while others are coming soon. But don’t despair! If there’s a new product you’re interested in that’s not out yet, just go to the product page and click the button that says “Sign Up – Stay Tuned” and you’ll be alerted by email as soon as the item comes into stock!

So without further ado, let’s look at what we’ve got to show in this final round of reveals.

Prehistoric World

Our Safari Ltd 2019 Wild Safari Prehistoric World figures were the first to show up in the hands of some of our SafariFans in our big YouTube reveal, but that was far from the entire collection. We’ve saved some of the best dinos and prehistoric creatures for last.

We’ve heard fans’ request for an updated Allosaurus and Stegosaurus, and this year we’ve delivered with all new sculpts of these classic iconic dinosaurs. These two Jurassic foes can finally face off with brand new, scientifically accurate figures based on the most currently available research.


Another classic creature – though not a dinosaur – is given new life with our 2019 Pteranodon figure. This pterosaur is posed in an at-rest, on the ground stance, in contrast to the more commonly seen figures in a flight pose. The colors on this figure really pop, especially the elaborate striping on the head crest, which is fitting given that the real animal probably used their crests for display.


For 2019 we’ve also remastered one of our classic Tyrannosaurus Rex figures, replacing its vibrant green colors with more subdued and realistic shades of brown.

And finally, one of our most anticipated releases for 2019 – the Spinosaurus! Completely reimagined based on new findings published in 2014, this Spinosaurus figure gives the dinosaur a new, more aquatic look, with all the detail our fans have come to expect from Safari Ltd. This figure is one of our largest for 2019 – measuring over 15 inches in length. 


Incredible Creatures & Wildlife Wonders

Speaking of large figures, there are still more scaled Incredible Creatures to showcase. Fans of sea life are in luck, as we introduce a Salmon and Marble Ray to our 2019 Incredible Creatures line up. The larger size of these figures means more room for awesome sculptural details, and both of these figures deliver on that front.

The Marble Ray, also known as the Round Ribbontail Ray, Black Spotted Ray, and Speckled Stingray, is a species of stingray found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Its coloration is highly variable, and its many names often refer to different variations of its color pattern. This ray is a popular draw for ecotourism in many areas as it is curious and usually non-aggressive toward divers.


The Salmon is a bony fish, unlike the Marble Ray which features a skeleton made of cartilage. These fish are anadromous, which means they are born in freshwater, travel to the sea to live most of their lives, before return to freshwater to spawn. They are famous for the long, arduous journeys back to their spawning grounds, including traveling against the flow of rapid river currents.

Joining our scaled Wonderful Wildlife, meanwhile, is an all-new Chimpanzee figure. These apes are our closest relatives, and this figure captures the detail and expressiveness of this intelligent primate.



From the large, we now move to the small – our TOOBS! We know fans have been waiting for us to reveal our 2019 TOOBS, and now we can finally show you everything we’ve got in store. Once again, sea life fans will be pleased, as this year sees three ocean-themed TOOBS – Pacific, Pelagic Fish, and Dolphins! And we haven’t neglected our land-dwelling animal friends either – we’ve also got a Primates TOOB featuring all new miniature figurines of monkeys, lemurs and apes!


The Pacific TOOB features a range of fish, birds, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles found in the waters and on the islands of the Pacific Ocean. The Pelagic Fish TOOB, meanwhile, includes fish found in the open ocean: sharks, tuna, sailfish, swordfish and more! And finally, our Dolphins TOOB is a perfect complement to last year’s Whales TOOB, introducing ten all new dolphin figurines!


Wild Safari Wildlife and Wings of the World

We’ve played our Wild Safari figures pretty close to the vest until now, and we know our SafariFans were eager to see what new wild creatures would be introduced in 2019. We’re proud to announce some amazing new wildlife! This year, we’ve got two felines – a Clouded Leopard and a Serval – as well as two monkeys – a Snub Nosed Monkey and a Mandrill. Each figure features scientifically accurate details and unique color patterns, from the spots on the Serval to the brightly colored face of the Mandrill.









But that’s not all! We’ve got more mammals to showcase, including the Tasmanian Devil, a marsupial found only on the island of Tasmania. Additionally, we’ve got the Honey Badger, a mustelid known for its ferocity and just not giving a heck. We’ve also got newly remastered Giraffe and Giraffe Baby figures, with a new darker brown coloration on its unique mosaic fur pattern.


And speaking of colors, a new King Vulture joins our Wings of the World Birds, with the vibrant colors of its bald head on full display! This New World vulture, found in Central and South America, is the third largest vulture species in the Americas, after the Andean and California Condor.


Sea Life

As our TOOBS and Incredible Creatures have shown, 2019 at Safari Ltd is a great year for fans of oceanic animals, and the passion continues into our Wild Safari Sea Life line. We’ve got updated versions of old favorites, including newly sculpted Sperm Whale and Orca figures, as well as a remastered Rockhopper Penguin! The Orca’s pointed dorsal fin and large, oval-shaped pectoral fins mark it as a male.


In addition to those, we’ve got two brand new sharks: The Oceanic Whitetip of the open seas, and the reef-dwelling Bamboo Shark. Unlike the Oceanic Whitetip, which must constantly remain in motion to force water through its gills to breathe, the Bamboo Shark is able to lie motionless on the ocean floor.


We’ve already revealed most of our Dragons and Mythical Realms figures, but we’ve still got one to showcase – the Freedom Dragon. This sparkling dragon features a stern, eagle-like, plus red, white and blue coloration and a star shape imprint on its forehead. Show your patriotic pride with a fantastical twist with this unique new Dragon figure.

Safari Farm, Winner’s Circle and Best in Show

Last but not least, we have our 2019 Safari Ltd domestic animal figures! We’ve already shown the new French Bulldog, but we’re also adding a Persian Cat to our Best in Show, immediately recognizable by its flattened face and fluffy fur coat.

For the horse lovers out there, we’ve got a new dynamically posed Thoroughbred horse figure, rearing up on its hind legs while its mane whips dramatically in the wind. See more horses here.

And lastly, for the farm fans, our Large White Pig figure is yet another finely detailed toy to add to our growing stable of hog breed figures.

So there you have it, SafariFans – our entire 2019 collection line-up! We hope you’re excited to get these new toys as we are to make them available to you! And remember, keep checking back to see when all of our new figures will be available, and don’t forget to sign up to be the first to get notified when new toys are in stock!

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