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15 Awesome Toy Stocking Stuffers For Kids - Safari Ltd®

15 Awesome Toy Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Here's 15 Awesome Stocking Stuffers For Kids This Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner! This year has really stretched and pushed us all and I am really looking forward to some fun with my kiddos as we wrap up 2020. As you get ready to start your holiday shopping, I’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite educational toys for you! All of these toys would make amazing stocking stuffers for kids of all ages. I’ll give you some details on each of them below and share more about why we love Safari Ltd. toys!

Why do we love Safari Ltd.?

I am a mom of two preschoolers and a teacher. As a teacher, I have known about and used Safari Ltd. toys for years! They are also some of the most consistently played with toys in my playroom at home. Both of my kids, ages 2 and 4, have spent hours of quality, independent, creative play time with their Safari figurines! Here are a few reasons why we love them: 

  • Safari Ltd. toys are durable. I love that we can play with them in so many different ways and they hold up to it all! We use their educational toys in the bathtub, in our sandbox outside, with play dough, slime, and every other kind of messy sensory play you can think of! They are so easy to clean and continue to look beautiful after years of wonderful play. 
  • Safari Ltd. toys are detailed. As my oldest grows up, he has become more and more interested in learning about the animals we play with! I love how these toys have sparked his interest in so many things. I also love the detail in our animal figurines. They are so much more accurate than any other animal figurine we have owned! Just recently, we were reading about Humpback whales. He learned about the signature bumps on their heads and the blowholes whales use to breathe. We grabbed our figurine as we read and he was able to find all of the features described in his book! These toys are such an amazing learning tool.
  • Safari Ltd. toys facilitate open-ended play. With the preschoolers in my class and my own children, I am always looking to invest in toys that spark imagination. An open-ended toy is any toy that requires kids to use their imagination to play. They are incredible toys for your child’s development. I love watching my kids create play scenarios with their figurines. It is truly so magical!

Safari Ltd. Toy Stocking Stuffers!

Now for the big list! These 15 toys are some of our favorite Safari Ltd. products. I’ve included a variety of different kinds of toys with a range of price points so there is something for everyone on your gift list .

  1. Reticulated Giraffe Toy

The first item on my list is the Safari Ltd. Reticulated Giraffe figurine! This is one of the largest toys Safari Ltd. carries. It has a slightly higher price point than most of this list, but it is so worth it! My kids are so amazed by the XL toys. This giraffe is about 10 inches tall and incredibly detailed! 


  1. Earth Dragon Figurine

Safari Ltd. carries a wide range of mythical creature figurines including a ton of epic dragons! These are amazing gifts for kids and collectors. We love the Earth Dragon and all of its gorgeous details. The wings are covered in beautiful stars and he is the prettiest blue color. Be sure to check out the full range of Safari Ltd. dragons if you have a dragon-lover in your life!



  1. Clownfish and Blue Tang Toys

Add a little Dory and Nemo to your collection this holiday season! These fish are so much fun. My kids love using their Incredible Creatures figurines in the bathtub and in our outdoor water table in the summer! They are some of the XL Safari Ltd. figurines which makes them great for younger toddlers!



  1. Cat and Dog Figurines

Safari Ltd. has so many options for dog and cat figurines for your little pet lover! You may even be able to find the mini-version of your own pet. We love using our dog and cat figurines in our dollhouse. There are also dog and cat TOOBs - collections of small figurines - if you can’t decide which one is your favorite. 


  1. Farm Animal Toys

Farm animals have been favorites of both of my kids as toddlers. Often, they are some of the first animal names and animal sounds we teach our kids! Safari Ltd. has a huge selection of farm animal figurines and TOOBs. Some of our favorites are the Sow and Piglet, the Sheep, and the Holstein Cow! 


  1. Dino Baby Toy Eggs Set

The Dino Baby Eggs Set makes such a cute gift! It comes with four dinosaur eggs, each containing a different mini dinosaur baby figurine. These would be a fantastic addition to a dinosaur sensory play set-up! Also, if you’re gifting to multiple kids, you can split the set between them - I’m planning to give each of my kids two eggs in their stockings this Christmas!


  1. Good Luck Minis Fun Packs

Good Luck Minis are the smallest Safari Ltd. toys. They come in blind bags and in cute little themed Fun Packs! We love using Good Luck Minis for counting activities in homeschool, and have also used them to make sensory bottles, added them to slime, and even used them with playdough kits. They are so versatile! These little packs would make the perfect stocking stuffer. 


  1. Bundles of Babies TOOB

The Bundles of Babies TOOB is such a fun and unique Safari Ltd. product! It is my 2-year-old’s favorite. The TOOB comes with 9 diverse babies in different poses. They are great for dollhouse play and would be an amazing gift for a soon-to-be big sibling!



  1. Polar Bear and Polar Bear Cub Toys

Speaking of babies, what toddler wouldn’t love a mom and baby cub in their stocking this year! We have a couple of sets of mom and baby figurines, including these super cute polar bears. If polar bears aren’t your think, check out the other sets of moms and cubs available including Pandas, Tigers, Lions and more!



  1. Fruits and Vegetables TOOB

Another really cool and different set that Safari Ltd. offers is the Fruits and Vegetables TOOB! This set includes four fruit and four vegetable figurines that we have played with in so many different ways! They’re an awesome addition to a pretend farm set-up. They are also the perfect size food for most of our baby dolls! 


  1. Fairies and Unicorns

If you’re little ones aren’t into dragons, another great option for mythical creature play are the Safari Ltd. fairies and unicorns! There are several options for unicorn figurines and fairies that come in TOOBs all the way up to XL figurines. We love the Friendly Fairies Super TOOB which includes a diverse collection of fairies!



  1. Lifecycle Sets

The Safari Ltd. Lifecycle sets are a great learning tool and toy! There are several different options to choose from, and each includes a figurine for each step of the animal’s life cycle. Pair them with a great non-fiction book and they’d be an amazing gift. Check out all of the lifecycle sets including butterfly, spider, chicken, frog and more!


  1. Solar System Ruler and Space TOOB

The Space TOOB was the first Safari Ltd. product I purchased for my kids and it is still one of their favorites! It includes a variety of small space figurines from astronauts to rockets. The Solar System ruler is another great space product that would pair really well with this TOOB for the space-lover on your gift list!


  1. World’s Best Bug Jar

The World’s Best Bug Jar would be such a cute stocking stuffer for your nature lover! It has a magnifying glass on top to give you a close-up look at all sorts of critters you find in your backyard. It's also great for looking at TOOB insects up close for pretend play if real bugs aren’t your thing.


  1. Black Panther Figurine

Safari Ltd. has just released their new 2021 toys! There are so many beautiful new toys available. We absolutely love the new Black Panther. Be sure to check out all of the new toys that are now available as you complete your order!




About The Writer

Emily is a preschool teacher and mom of two toddlers who love to play with Safari Ltd. animals! You can follow her on Instagram @makingwithmommy for more kids craft and play ideas.

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