Welcome to the Wonderful World of Safari Ltd Sensory Bins!


  • What's a sensory bin (a.k.a sensory tray)?
    A sensory bin provides endless possibilities for kids to learn by stimulating their senses! These small universes of imagination are typically built within a plastic tub or larger container and filled with materials and themed toys selected to stimulate the senses! Kiddos can work on visual (sight), auditory (hearing), tactile (touch), olfactory (smell) and gustation (taste). The sky is the limit for making sensory bins!
  • What goes in a sensory bin?
    You can fill a sensory bin with anything you want. As a matter of fact, your house already has materials you can use, like rice, pasta and beans! Other popular sensory ingredients include water beads, kinetic sand, cotton balls, bird seed and more! In our case, it's Safari Ltd's Toys that Teach, especially figures from our TOOB and Safariology collection.
  • What are some sensory activities?
    Some Safari-themed sensory activities include teaching children about animals, insects and other creatures of this world and demonstrating their natural habitat or their life cycle! These are also great for Play therapy, especially sandtray therapy, since it allows the child to express themselves through play.
Below, you’ll find some great how-to posts filled with inspiration for making your first sensory bin! Or why not try a new themed creation that matches the season or whatever your kiddo is learning and more!

Life Cycle Of A Frog
Sensory Play


Use this Frog sensory activity to teach your children about Life Cycles of amphibians, while simultaneously introducing new vocabulary words.


Fairies & Dragons
Sand Tray

2020 new products sensory bin

Allow your child's imagination to soar with fantastic fairies &  dragons! These sand trays is where imagination & learning meet!



Sensory Activity

Halloween Sensory bin

Try this fun approach to learning with Halloween-themed sensory play! Grab Safari Ltd. toys like frogs, snakes, spiders & other insects to make it!



Space & Solar
System Learning

space sensory bin

Incorporate learning into play, with Safari's Solar System sensory play activity! Not only will young children begin to grasp space, but they'll thrive to understand!


Elephant Habitat
Sensory Tray

Elephant Habitat Sensory Bin

Check out this creative sensory tray where children can showcase a natural elephant habitat using Safari Ltd Toys and some other simple sensory ingredients.


Safari Ltd Shark
Sensory Play

shark sensory bin

Have fun teaching your toddlers about sharks and the deep blue sea with an easy-to-make sensory tray, plus you'll also learn some other fun DIY activities here!


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