Grandparents play a special role in their grandchild's life! They are friends and mentors offering a wisdom and unconditional love unique to their role. Although no two relationships between grandparent and grandchild are alike, we've compiled a list of activities sure to create long-lasting memories for years to come!

Grandparent Activities for Infants and Toddlers

1. Read story books and play together. Bring stories to life with toys and play!

2. Open-ended play with building blocks opens a child's imagination! There's no end in sight for what you can create together.

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Grandparent Activities for Preschoolers

3. Working on simple arts and crafts activities with play dough or watercolors. Click here for a great play dough recipe and activity!

4. Exploring nature! Get outside and discover the natural world together.

Go outside

play dough activity with grandkids




Grandparent Activities for School Age Children

5. Playing board or card games! A classic activity.

6. Doing art activities like sculpting with clay, Origami, or watercolors!

7. Visiting a museum, zoo or aquarium!

8. Working on a puzzle together.


No matter the age or activity, as long as you're together and present to the experience at hand, it'll sure to become a cherished memory for life!

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