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Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle


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Green Sea Turtle

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Quick Overview

  • Did you know that green sea turtles aren’t named for the color of their skin or shell? Their name is actually earned from the color of the fat inside their body, which has a distinct green coloration! One of the largest species of sea turtle, they can be found in every ocean.

  • Scientific Name: Chelonia mydasli

  • Characteristics: Hand painted and meticulously crafted by our experts with the utmost attention to detail, this green sea turtle figurine is a beneficial teaching aid, cute piece of décor for your home or work desk, a great addition to an aquatic wildlife diorama, or even a fun toy for play. Sea turtles are both gentle and docile, so feel free to swim alongside this beautiful buddy!

  • Size and Color: 3.58 inches long and 3.5 inches wide, both dimensions of this figurine are a little larger than the height of a deck of cards stood upright. Although their skin can sometimes have a very slight greenish hue, green sea turtles are predominantly a brownish tan and olive color.

  • The Green Sea Turtle is part of the Wild Safari® Sea Life collection.

  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.
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    Green sea turtles are a keystone aquatic species because they help maintain the health of their ecosystems by consuming sea grass. When these turtles graze on sea grass, they actually increase the sea grasses’ overall nutrient content. Without green sea turtles and their beneficial environmental role, many species that share the same habitats could potentially become vulnerable, endangered, and even extinct. Sadly, green sea turtles themselves are considered endangered and despite preservation methods and more attention being drawn to their declining population, their numbers have not yet been able to stabilize.

    • Recommended Age: 3+
    • Size: 3.58" L x 3.63" W 1.17" H x ( 9.19 cm x 9.30 cm x 3 cm )

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    Present Status

    Like all sea turtles with the exception of Australian flatback (considered vulnerable), the green sea turtle is listed as either threatened or endangered, depending on the population, and the Mediterranean subspecies is listed as critically endangered. They are protected by many local and international laws, but adults and eggs are still poached. Some of the other threats they face are from development of their hatching grounds, marine debris, boat impact, and pollution.


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    • Sea Turtle Baby - XL