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The safety of our customers is a top priority for us here at Safari Ltd®. Over the past few years, a major issue for parents has been the harmful materials their children can encounter while playing with toys. A number of children’s toy companies have even had to recall products for using paint with lead and producing toys which are deemed unsafe for anyone.

This is not an issue for Safari Ltd® as we have been working with our factories, who maintain strict protocols on their suppliers of paint, materials and production. In addition to this, we take extra measures by testing all of our products. Since our products are imported and distributed all over the globe, they also pass and exceed all worldwide regulations and testing standards.

Another substance that has been deemed unsafe are phthalates from PVC (poly vinyl chloride). Phthalates are softening agents added to PVC, which can be harmful. To ensure the safety of our customers and children, all of our products are phthalate free.

We are proud to say we regularly and randomly check our production sites, plus shipments and we provide clean, quality fun working environments.

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