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Zimbbos! Game

SKU 101425

Blue Orange Games has been publishing and promoting award-winning games for over 18 years! Many of their games help children build important skills, such as dexterity, memory, math, logic, and cooperation! Plus, they're fun!

Characteristics: An all wooden stacking game that teaches colors and counting, Zimbbos is the perfect first game for little ones. Players take turns rolling the die to find out how many elephants to stack on the pyramid following numerical order. Roll a star to add a balancing bar or circus character. The player to place the 10th elephant on the pyramid without it tumbling down wins! Children develop dexterity and balance awareness while exploring their creativity with Zimbbos.

Size and Color: 10 x 0.01 x 10 inches
Age: 3+

The Zimbbos! Game is part of our Friends of Safari collection.

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