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Wish*Craft Wish Jar

SKU 105143

Create heartwarming notes on wish cards decorated with beautiful butterflies, sparkling crystals, enchanting moons, and delicate roses. Keep them safe in your Wish*Craft Jar for future inspiration and motivation. It's like having a magical encouragement diary!

  • Decorate the jar with sticky gems and a cute tag hung with a metal charm and ribbon.
  • Write uplifting messages on beautifully printed cards, or use the sticker prompts to get you going. What are you grateful for? What makes you smile?
  • When you need a smile or some inspiration, just reach in and pull out a card!
  • Includes 32 printed folded cards, 2 gel pens, a sticker sheet, sticky gem sheet, cardboard tag, metal sun charm, ribbon, jump ring, and instructions.
  • Recommended for 8 and up
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