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Black Jaguar Toy

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Interestingly, the shade of black jaguars’ fur can vary depending on their genetic makeup. Since the allele (alternative form of a gene) that makes their fur color black is dominant, jaguars with two of those dominant alleles will be darker than jaguars with only one.

History: Although you might think otherwise, a black coat is actually disadvantageous for a jaguar, despite them being nighttime hunters. The reason for this is that it’s much harder for most animals to spot a patterned figured amidst foliage, which is why most large cats have stripes and spots. However, studies have suggested that the black coloration in jaguars is linked to beneficial effects on their immune system, which might in part explain its prevalence.
Scientific Name: Panthera onca
Characteristics: As dark and as silent as the night itself, this stealthy black jaguar toy is on the prowl for prey. Designed by experts with exceptional care to detail, this figurine is wonderful as an addition to a nature enthusiast’s collection or diorama, as an educational resource in a classroom, or just a tool for imaginative play.
Size: 4 inches long and 1.95 inches tall, this black jaguar toy model is a little longer and about the same height as a credit card stood upright. The Black Jaguar is part of the Wild Safari® Wildlife collection.
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