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Who Is Simone Biles?

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In 2021, Simone Biles shocked the world when she pulled out of the Tokyo Olympic Games after experiencing the "twisties" -- a scary feeling during which gymnasts lose control of their bodies while mid-air. Audiences had expected Simone to dominate these games. With seven Olympic medals, twenty-five World Championships medals, and four gymnastic skills named after her, she is considered to be the G.O.A.T. of women’s gymnastics. That summer, however, Simone became more than just a legendary athlete. She became an advocate for mental health and protecting yourself even when the world is watching.


  • 8-10 years
  • 56 pages
  • Part of a series - Who HQ Now 
  • Author: Stefanie Loh
  • Illustrator: Joseph J. M. Qui
  • Publisher/Date: Penguin Workshop/April 2023
  • ISBN 0593521765
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