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What Do You See?

SKU 104982

 Are you ready for a fun, photo-filled counting adventure?

Help little ones learn to count with each turn of the page! This book is full of fun with sleepy kitties, messy fingers, squeaky ducks, and bouncy balls. Each page has a new number and a new collection of bright and colorful objects, making it easy for toddlers to get started with counting!

  • Length: 48 pages
  • Publisher: Rockridge Press
  • Ages: 1 year and up
  • Characteristics:
    • Early learning fun—practice counting all the way from 1 to 20.
    • Full-color photos—photographs of easy-to-recognize objects 
    • Awesome activities—Bring counting into the real world with suggestions for educational off-the-page play, like creating a number mat or building a hopscotch number line.
Give little learners a head start with this top choice in counting books for toddlers.
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