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Wahu Zoom Ball Hydro

SKU 106941

Ready, set, get soaked with Wahu Zoom Ball Hydro! This non-stop action game for two is easy to use. Just place a water balloon inside the Zoom Ball Hydro, which can hold more than one water balloon if desired, and hold onto one set of handles while your friend holds the other. Then open your arms quickly to send it zooming over to your friend but watch out! If the ball hits your handles, the balloon might pop, soaking you with water! It's wet and wild fun as you see how long the ball can Zooooom back and forth before someone gets drenched!


  • Includes 1 Wahu Zoom Ball Hydro with 2 Sets of Handles - Ball length is 7" (17.8cm) and 15 Water Balloons
  • For 2 players

Age: 8 and up

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