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Wahu Mystery Key Treasure Chest Pool Toys

SKU 106944

This treasure chest set makes it easy to engage in a thrilling pool mystery game with friends and family while improving your underwater swimming skills. Search for the keys to discover which one will unlock the treasure chest then release the trap door and dive to collect the shiny rings, goblets, crowns, and genie lamps. Sunken treasure chest has a randomized lock that ensures an exciting underwater mystery every time.


  •  Included waterproof paper allows you to create your own challenging game rules or write secret messages in a bottle for an enhanced treasure searching adventure
  •  Comes with 1 treasure chest, 1 bottle, 9 reusable waterproof papers, 3 keys, 3 rings, 3 goblets, 3 crowns, and 3 genie lamps.

Age: 5 and up

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