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Unicorn Glitterluck - A Cloud Stacking Game

SKU 104301

Unicorn Glitterluck is a game for 1-4 players and play time is 15 min. 

Characteristics: The object of the game is to collect the 10 pink crystals, stack the clouds and the unicorns on the castle in order to house all the unicorns in their new home!

Contents: 4 unicorns: Glitterluck (hot pink), Stardust (yellow), Marvel Flower (purple), and Magic Swirl (turquoise), 1 baby unicorn Rosalie (pink), 1 cloud castle, 5 large white clouds and 5 smaller blue clouds, 1 die, 1 cloud game board, 16 double sided cloud tiles, 10 cloud crystals and instructions booklet


Width: 1.85"
Height: 8.74"
Depth: 8.66"
Weight: 1.08 lbs

Age: 4-8 Y

Cloud Stacking Game from HABA USA is part of the Friends of Safari collection.

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