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Tummple mix

SKU 106306

A highly challenging version of Komarc's award-winning tummple! This time there's 3 different size bricks (6 different sides), yellow tumps, white tumps and now RED tumps.

In addition, there's a new Brick Shuffling Mobile App with timer and point calculator. Download to your phone and press START! The Shuffler App will indicate what brick to grab and what side to place, or what tump to use... the timer begins automatically... only 3 to 9 seconds to make your move! Quickly make the placement before the time runs out! If you hear the alarm before you're able to place the brick, keep the brick, lose your turn, and tap the X (fail) on the App. If the placement is successful, tap the check mark (success), and points will accumulate automatically... the longer you play the more points you get with each successful placement! If the tower falls at any time, take the fallen bricks.

Deduct any fallen bricks from your point total. Highest points is the winner!

Age: 8+

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