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Trestle Tracks Pro

SKU 107804

The ultimate Trestle Tracks experience!

Trestle Tracks consists of hollow stacking cubes and perfectly flat tracks with cutout paths that widen almost imperceptibly to propel the marbles forward.

Watching them go is like magic in slow-mo!

And with the Pro set, you don't just get an overabundance of cubes and tracks. You also get a variety of totally new trick tracks that catch, release, bounce, combine, swoop, and more.

Marble-run fun reaches new heights of wonder with Trestle Tracks Pro!

  • Tracks suspended by hollow stacking cubes
  • Features 7 unique new pieces!
  • Includes 26 basic tracks, whirlpool track, stairs track, bouncer track, plinko track, switcher track, 200 risers, 4 catchers, 4 toppers, 20 steel balls, 4 bases, catch-and-release track, combiner track, ski jump track, wait-your-turn track, fill-and-spill track, 5 tall risers, long-run track
  • Detailed instruction manual included
  • Fully compatible with all other Trestle Tracks sets
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability

Age: 8 years and up


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