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STEAM School Painting Science

SKU 105138

This awesome STEAM kit takes the benefits of art to the next level! Discover math and science principles while engaging in 5 exciting art activities.
  • Little ones will learn color mixing through capillary action and optical illusions.
  • They'll delve into the world of symmetry by creating folded paintings and watching paper flowers bloom!
  • Craft two pointillism artworks by filling preprinted pictures using the dot brush.
  • Experiment with colors as they "walk" from one cup to another.
  • Color in 6 optical illusion designs to create three mesmerizing wooden spinning tops!
  • Each activity is individually packaged for an organized experience and includes an experiment card detailing the process and the science behind it.
  • Every activity includes all required paint, supplies, materials and tools, including 4 tubs of paint, 2 paint brushes, 6 markers, 2 wooden tops, 6 plastic cups, 6 jumbo fizzy tints, preprinted art activities, and so much more.
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up.
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