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Spinosaurus Toy

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Spinosaurus was a large, fish-eating dinosaur found in Egypt and Africa. As more and more remains of this dinosaur are found, scientists can begin to get a better picture of this unique dinosaur, from its crocodile-like face to the spined sail on its back. Recently, it was even discovered that its tail featured a large fin.

  • History: Spinosaurus has a long history featuring many discoveries that have changed the way we see this dinosaur through the years. First discovered in 1915, it was often depicted as a normal theropod (meat-eating dinosaur) with a large rounded sail on its back. Recent discoveries have shown that not only did it have a more narrow, crocodile-like face, but it had much shorter legs than previously thought, and even a large fin that ran the length of its tail.
  • Scientific Name: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus (Spined Lizard of Egypt)
  • Characteristics: This Spinosaurus toy features the most recent discoveries about this dinosaur incorporated into its design, including the recently uncovered tail fin. All of Spinosaurus’s iconic features are here, including its dorsal sail, its narrow, tooth-filled jaws, and its enlarged hand claws.
  • Size: This Spinosaurus toy figure is 9 inches long and 3 inches high to the top of its sail.
  • The Spinosaurus is part of our Wild Safari Prehistoric World collection.

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