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SMILEY Underwater Camera

SKU 103572

Looking for an awesome underwater camera that can capture all your aquatic adventures with stunning clarity? Look no further than our retro-inspired waterproof camera! With its classic waterproof film design, this camera is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of nostalgia to their underwater photography. And thanks to its detachable waterproof casing, you can take this camera with you on all your underwater excursions without having to worry about damaging it. But that's not all! Our camera also features an easy film loading system that makes it a breeze to swap out old film for fresh new rolls. Plus, with its user-friendly controls and simple interface, even novice photographers can start capturing stunning underwater shots in no time. So why wait? Whether you're diving deep below the waves or simply splashing around in the pool, our retro waterproof camera is the perfect way to capture all your aquatic adventures with style and ease. So grab yours today and start making memories that will last a lifetime!

Size: 5.91" x 2.17" x 4.33"
Age: 3+

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