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Smart Sticks Elemental Chemistry

SKU 106693

 Take your chemistry knowledge to new heights with Elemental Chemistry, A Periodic Table Game. A super fun and exciting way to learn about 118 Elements as you get your friends and family guessing in a GAME OF TRIVIA and DON'T SAY IT! It’s a great game to learn the periodic table even without prior knowledge.

Build a love for chemistry by starting early.

From aluminum to zinc―make it fun for kids 8 to 12 to discover all 118 elements on the periodic table! Learn cool facts about the Elements and try describing them to see how exciting science can be with an entertaining look into all the ways the elements affect your everyday life.


  • A beautiful cylindrical tube with a spinner.
  • 60 Smart Sticks
  • An illustrated and colorful puzzle of the Periodic Table of Elements on the reverse side (54 cm X 28.5 cm)

Age: 6+

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