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Sesame Street - Alphabet Bingo

SKU 102350

Sesame Street Alphabet Bingo teaches kids what upper and lowercase letters look like and what pictures and words go with those letters. This Bingo game is designed for kids 3 years and older and is fun for the whole family. Match letters on the call-out cards to the letters, words, and pictures on the bingo boards. It is a great game to learn literacy and make observations while having fun. Whether you play 3 across or down, diagonal, 4 corners, or fill the whole board, be the first to shout BINGO and win!
The backside of the bingo boards also gives a finger tracing letter option. Try finger tracing letters on the second side of the bingo boards to get a feel for how to write them. 
This game includes 6 game boards, 64 tokens, and 26 call-out cards.
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