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Rock Pets: Rabbit

SKU 105422

Get ready to embark on a creative adventure with the alluring Little Rabbit Rock Pet Painting Set. It's not any ordinary painting experience but it's a chance to transform a rabbit into a 3-D masterpiece of your very own! Each set includes a kid-safe resin animal and a set of six vibrant non-toxic weather proof paints, everything you need to make a masterpiece.

Characteristics: This set comes with six vibrant acrylic paints and a brush to make unique color patterns and discover the art of color-mixing. The finished rabbit can be placed on a shelf, in an indoor plant, or in an outdoor garden. This kit makes an excellent gift for craft lovers, little gardening aficionados, or rabbit fans! It has been tested by accredited CPSC laboratories to make certain they pass the most stringent safety regulations to assure that they are safe for children.

Ages: 6+

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