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Rainbow Mosaic

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Welcome To My Happy Place! My Happy Place is a collection of crafts for kids focused on positivity, gratitude and mindfulness. Our curated collection of room décor, jewelry & craft projects comes ready to personalize, display and share.

Practice the power of positivity and “find your happy” as you create your very own mosaic work of art with this feel-good craft project!

The self-adhesive frame and the pick & place tiles make this mosaic-making craft easy and calming to work with. Follow the guide to make the cloud and rainbow design as shown or create your own unique art! The pastel tiles can be placed in an infinite number of patterns and the design is completely up to you!

Once your mosaic is complete, add a touch of sparkle by sealing your artwork with glitter glue. Decorate with fun puffy stickers including a “Cool to Be Kind” or “Be Kind - Be Happy - Be You” message to finish off your creation.

Spread kindness and share happy thoughts by adding the display easel for all to see. Your positive vibes are sure to be an everyday inspiration for all who encounter your mosaic masterpiece!

This mindful craft can be kept in your room for everyday inspiration or make-and-share! Perfect for family craft time or when you want to make a thoughtful gift for someone special.


Contents Include: 1 Self-Adhesive 8” x 10” frame, Plastic mosaic tiles, Puffy sticker sheets, 1 Glitter glue tube, 1 Squeegee, Sticky putty, 1 Stylus, 1 Display easel and Instructions

Age: 7 years and Up

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