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Rainbow Discovery Mirror

SKU 104289

A fun and eye-catching activity mirror with its multi-color design provides your baby with much-needed visual stimulation. The ring shape makes the toy easy for babies to pick up from surfaces and hold onto, a motion that helps improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination and grip strength. The ring is composed of a myriad of textures as well as colors to improve your baby’s sensory receptors upon touching the materials. The pieces and shapes surrounding the ring are securely attached so that your baby can explore the different textures safely; the ring itself is soft enough to provide relief from the discomfort associated with teething.

The hook-and-loop fastener makes it to that you can easily attach the rainbow teether to your baby’s crib, carrier, or even their favorite pacifier so that they’ve got something fun to occupy them on long commutes. The hook-and-loop fastener provides secure fastening so that your baby can pull on and grip the toy without it coming loose from the item you’ve attached it to.

Product Details:

  • Multiple elements and features to discover
  • Easy and secure hook-and-loop fastener for attaching to a playpen, crib, or baby carrier  
  • Materials: Polyester, Mirror Film, and Plastic
  • Ages 6 months+ 
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