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PYO - Porcelain - Rocket Light

SKU 106905

MindWare Paint Your Own Porcelain Rocket Light is so easy to express your own artistry in a useable craft! All pottery projects are ready to paint right out of the box. Simply paint, bake and display! This rocket-themed ceramic painting kit is the perfect blank slate for your designs. After painting, bake for a glossy finish and place it in your bedroom for illumination!


  • With the click of a button, 2 tea lights inside cast an out-of-this-world glow from your rocket as if it has landed on some far-off planet.
  • 12 vibrant paints for endless creativity. Learn painting basics with the painting guide: color mixing, brushing, sponging, stippling and more!
  • INCLUDES: 1 porcelain rocket ship, 2 battery-operated tea lights, 12 paints, 2 paintbrushes and an instruction guide. Painted porcelain products are not meant to be used for food or liquids. 

Age: 8 and up

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