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Puzzlove Animals of the Worlds (60 pcs)

SKU 106159

  • Arrange the puzzle by yourself or with family and friends. Puzzles inspire to the first lessons of geography and nature for fun. Get acquainted with the various animals in the illustration: there are mollusks, fish, birds and mammals, the largest animals in the world and small invertebrates. Which ones are completely new to you? Look for various curiosities about the animals of the world! Practice your perceptiveness: take turns looking at animal illustrations. You can framed jigsaws be hung on the wall. Time to travel with your finger on the map: come up with a route for your own trip around the world or tell us about your travels and your favorite animals.

 Characteristics: Set contains: 60 pieces

Size: Completed puzzle measures 48×68 cm/ 19×26.8”

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