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Plains Zebra Toy

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The Plains Zebra is the most widespread and commonly encountered of the three zebra species of Africa. Because of this, it is also known as the Common Zebra. Like all zebra species, the Plains Zebra features a distinctive black and white striped pattern on its coat.

  • History: Why are zebras striped? Scientists have been arguing over the answer for over a hundred years and many theories exist. Some have long believed that the stripes confuse predators, making it hard to tell where one zebra ends and another begins when the animals gather in a herd. More recently, it has been suggested that the stripes may help regulate the animal’s temperature, or might distribute light in a way that helps protect the zebra from biting flies.
  • Scientific Name: Equus quagga
  • Characteristics: This scientifically accurate zebra toy backs a lot of detail into a small size. From its stiff mane to its brush-like tail, it’s got everything you could want in a plains zebra toy figurine.
  • Size: This plains zebra toy figure is 5 inches long and 3 ½ inches high.
  • The Plains Zebra is part of the Wild Safari Wildlife collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.
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