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Phantom Flyer

SKU 104632

The Phantom Flyer will be sure to thrill both kids and adults! This awesome powered glider has a long flight time of up to 1 minute. Its amazing portable charging pack is quick with a 10-second only charge before each flight.
  • Product comes with an extra propeller & stickers for the glider’s eyes.  
  • Charging pack needs 3 AA batteries-Not Included.
  • Ages 5+

Using your Phantom Flyer is easy! Hold your glider by the bottom with one hand & the charging pack in the other hand insert the charging pack plug into the charging port for only 10-15 seconds. After the charger is removed, the propeller will start turning. You will then gently throw your glider at a 5-15 degree angle to get the best flight patterns. Recharge the motor for each flight. Fly only in open areas! 

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