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Parachute Tower Wooden Music Box

SKU 106957

How exciting! Try building an electric driven music box by yourself is amazing. Realistic mechanism, twinkling lights, beautiful tune "Falling Flower", this project will give you a relaxing time with no doubt. This puzzle kit challenges your brain and hands. Constructing it involves many skills like spatial thinking and concentration. But the grand result will reward your time. Please pay special attention to delicate parts. But if you need replacement parts, we are glad to help.


  • No glue required. It comes with everything you need: manual, pre-cut wood sheets, music movement, lights, wires, sandpaper. Laser-cut parts is precise and fit well together.
  • The model kit adapts capstan gears to lift pairs of chairs up and down. When touch the switch, all lights up and music playing, little parachute moves under the hexagram roof. You can only keep lightening or music by touching switch. It needs 3 pieces of AAA batteries (not included).
Age: 14 and up
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