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Open The Joy - Anger Management Box

SKU 107865


Kit includes 5 engaging activities for kids to play and enjoy, making it a perfect gift for kids on occasions like easter day, Christmas, etc...

Our lessons on anger management are all taught through engaging play and exploration. The 5 five activities include a building project, a clay "anger monster" project, origami projects, a notepad for self-reflection, and anger management cards that can be used by kids and adults of all ages to learn how to stay calm, focused, and in control. Each step is paired with a fun activity that helps explain the steps to children in age-appropriate ways and helps them grasp and internalize the lessons



  • 5 instruction cards
  • 2 tubs of air dry putty
  • Deck of 52 anger management cards
  • 50 sheets assorted color origami paper
  • DIY wooden catapult

    Age: 4 years and up

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