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Ollyball SLUGGER in ECO Pack

SKU 109871

Ollyball is specially made balls to be used for inside and outside play. Go all out indoors without worrying about damaging windows, marking walls, or causing bruises! The 12-inch re-inflatable ball, equipped with the revolutionary Patent-pending KrunchCOR® technology, absorbs the impact from powerful hits and kicks, guaranteeing a safe and hassle-free experience. Your kiddos can even personalize Ollyball's with markers and crayons adding their own creative touch.

Characteristics: The Ollyball SLUGGER is tailored for young boys and girls venturing into baseball and softball. Detailed with baseball/softball graphics. Features the patented KrunchCOR® technology to absorb impact from powerful hits and kicks. 

Size: 12 in - The ball is re-inflatable

Weight: 0.08 oz

Material: The outer shell of the Ollyball is made of a durable lightweight material used on high performance kites and the bladder is an aluminum and nylon material. Ollyball doesn’t contain any PVC, Latex, BPA’s or phthalates.

Age: 4+

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