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Mozi - Glowing Yellow

SKU 106320

  • LIGHT UP THE NIGHT! – glozi is a set of carefully crafted rings which, when set in motion, mystically come to life, spinning in a gyroscopic display of dark glowing, color, and movement that’s as fun as it is beautiful.
  • FIND YOUR FLOW – To unlock the energy, place your hand through the rings, elevate, and release. Instantly springing into shape, glozi will begin moving up and down, from hand to hand, in a rhythm you create.
  • SHARE YOUR GROOVE – glozi can be shared between many people. By simply touching fingers, or holding onto the same object, you create a gateway for glozi to whirl from one person to the next.
  • STOP THE MOTION – To pause the dazzling arm spinner of glozi, hold the kaleidoscopic ball between your hands and turn your top hand counter clockwise. Watch as it quickly flattens for easy storage.
  • CREATIVITY FOR ALL – Though easy to use, glozi entertains for hours on end and is enjoyable for all ages. Great around the house, on vacation, at festivals, or as a gift, glozi is sure to excite, delight, and dazzle.
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