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Mermicorno Series 4 Blind Bag Unicorn Toy Figurines, 2.5"

SKU 101278

These adorable blind-bagged mini figurines from Tokidoki combine the best of both worlds - Unicorns and Mermaids! Each possible figurine contains unique paint designs and sculpted elements. Collect them all and search for the chase figure!

Characteristics: Mermicorno Series 4 contains eight different designs, each with their own unique elements to set them apart, including Neptune with a trident, Cavalina with a crown, Inky with a paintbrush, and more! These stylized figurines are great for any fan of artistic fantasy figurines. Each figure is blind-bagged, you will receive 1 random figure per order.

Size: Each figurine measures approximately 2 3/4 inches high.

Age: 8+

The Mermicorno Series 4 blind-bagged figurines is made by Tokidoki/Aurora.