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Make Your Own Water Globes - Under the Sea

SKU 107535

Craft 3 enchanted seascapes for some underwater friends using the included tools and modeling clay in blue, yellow, red and white. You can even mix colors together to create new colors. Create fish, coral, seaweed and other seaworthy accessories to keep your miniature mermaid, seahorse and friendly octopus feeling right at home under the sea! Also includes a handy funnel for filling, glitter and 3 display trays.


  • Child-safe plastic globes measure 2-7/8" w x 3-5/8" h x 2 ¾" l.
  • Contents Include: 3 plastic globes Tools Modeling clay in blue, yellow, red and white Mermaid Seahorse Octopus Funnel Glitter 3 display trays

Ages: 6+

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