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Magna-Qubix 19 Piece Set

SKU 103678

Spark hours of creative, beneficial, free play with Magna-Qubix magnetic build block from the makers of Magna-Tiles! Magna-Qubix is comprised of tough plastic, and strong neodymium magnets, and is press-sealed, making them safe for children ages 3+. These translucent and brightly colored magnetic building blocks are the perfect educational tool for children to explore colors, shapes, and much more! The Magna-Qubix 19-Piece Set makes the perfect Christmas, holiday or birthday gift for Magna-Tiles-loving boys and girls. Magna-Tiles is a leading manufacturer of top-selling magnetic tiles for over 20 years. 

  • This perfect-for-traveling magnetic building set features 19 Magna-Qubix pieces in traditional rainbow colors – red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Included in this Magna-Qubix Set are the standard 3D shapes (8 one-inch cubes (4 blue + 4 red), 3 orange square pyramids, 5 triangular prisms (2 yellow + 3 green), 1 orange hexagonal prism, and 2 green rectangular prisms).
  • For little hands struggling to balance traditional building blocks, these magnetic building blocks are a great introduction to early building skills. Powered by neodymium magnets- pieces easily "click" together when near each other unlocking newfound love for building and design in your little one. Try building on a magnetic baking sheet for a portable building! ⁠All Magna-Qubix include safe, durable pieces made with food-grade ABS (BPA FREE) plastic free of phthalates and latex.
  • Magna-Qubix allows children to explore STEAM subjects through the power of play especially when incorporating other open-ended toys. This magnetic building set develops hand-eye coordination, and early math and engineering skills promote the development of spatial awareness and improves fine motor skills. After a few times building something and watching it topple over or not understanding why a certain side may lose magnetism, children learn that each shape must be arranged and placed properly.
  • Magna-Qubix is an excellent supplement to any Magna-Tiles collection. They are smaller than classic Magna-Tiles, but because they are powered by magnets, they can be used to “decorate” Magna-Tiles creations like polka dots on a ladybug or ornaments on a tree. These building tiles will entertain children (and adults) for an extended period of time.
  • Magna-Qubix is specially designed to be fun and frustration-free for little hands. The play experience is for ages 3 years+
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