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Little Stickers Animals Book

SKU 102181

This fun and varied sticker book is packed with all kinds of animals from around the world. Little children will love using reusable stickers to bring each scene to life, including a watering hole, a rainforest, and a coral reef. With the animals labeled on every page, there is a lot to learn and talk about!

Sticker your way into the world of dinosaurs, life on a farm, and so much more with the Little Stickers books! Using the vibrant matte stickers, create lively scenes on the colorful corresponding landscapes. Backdrops have a glossy coating so you can reuse stickers over and over for endless hours of fun! Store your reusable stickers on the inside of the front and back covers to keep them safe and sticky. 
  • 15 pages of backdrops and 8 sticker pages.
  • Ages Preschool+
  • ISBN 9780794550066
  • Format Paperback
  • Brand Name EDC / Usborne
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