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Let's Play Yummy Bingo

SKU 102675

The classic bingo game is just the beginning! The set contains 6 boards and 24 large tokens that can be mixed and matched in different scenarios.

You can:

  1. Play a classic bingo game (match the food and drink tokens to the boards).
  2. Experiment with our 30 game ideas (for example encourage the child to point and name different food.
  3. Play a guessing game with a child.
  4. Encourage the kid to do a little cooking with you.
  5. Use the illustrations for an articulation game and many more).
  6. Introduce your own rules and enjoy the ‘yummy’ game.

Product Features:

  • Matching and assembling large pieces:
    • trains perception, concentration, and logical thinking
    • teaches kids about winning and losing
  • Playing together guarantees great fun and fosters parent-child interaction
  • Large pieces are made of high-quality, thick cardboard, perfect for little hands
  • The handy box with a practical, sturdy handle makes it a great gift

Set Contains:

  • 6 boards 15.5×17.5cm/6×7”
  • 24 tokens 6.5cm/2.5” diameter

    Packaging dimensions:

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