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Koosh Flingshot

SKU 106491

Shoot for the stars with the Koosh Flingshot! The same quality construction that has made Koosh® a top toy for decades has so many awesome ways to play! The Koosh Flingshot comes with a special Koosh ball made for flinging! Just pull it back with the Flingshot as far as you can and see how far it flies! Koosh is great for playing indoors, outdoors, at home, or on the go. Designed for effortless play, Koosh is easy to catch but hard to put down!
  • SHOOT FOR THE STARS – Flingshot can launch Koosh over 50 feet!
  • SAFE AND FUN – Soft and squeezable Koosh balls makes the Flingshot safer than other slingshot designs
  • PLAY ANYWHERE – With a softer feel than your average ball, Koosh are great for indoors, and outdoors
  • FIDGET TOY– Designed to make catching a breeze, Koosh balls are easy to catch and play with.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Koosh has been built on decades of quality construction techniques to make the perfect toy!
Age: 5+
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