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Kid Made Modern Cosmic Craft Kit

SKU 104832

This all-in-one craft kit from Kid Made Modern is fully loaded with fun craft activities for any kid who loves outer space!

Characteristics: This set includes shimmering sticker sheets, celestial beads, sequins and more. Contains over 225 pieces to create all sorts of out-of-this-world crafts, from planets to alien creatures. Includes 2 plastic hemispheres, 30 pom poms, 54 sequins, 28 pipe cleaners, 28 beads, 6 starburts beads, 16 googly eyes, 2 metal springs, 5 wooden discs, 6 craft sticks, 8 sparkly paper straws, 1 metallic cord, and 40 glue dots.

Age: 6 years and up

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